Things to Do in London with Kids

Things to Do in London with Kids

19 Mar 2024 | By Sixes Cricket

Exploring London with kids is an adventure that promises to be as enriching as it is exciting. The city’s vibrant tapestry weaves together centuries of history, a thriving arts scene, and an endless array of parks and open spaces, making it a perfect destination for families seeking a blend of educational and fun experiences. From the historic echoes of the Tower of London to the futuristic wonders at the Science Museum, London offers a plethora of activities that cater to the curious minds of young explorers.

As you plan your family adventure in London, it’s essential to consider the wide variety of attractions that the city has to offer. Whether your children are budding historians eager to uncover the past at world-renowned museums or little adventurers looking for a thrilling day out at adventure activities, London does not disappoint. The city’s historic sites provide a unique opportunity for families to step back in time and experience the rich tapestry of British history, while its parks offer serene escapes with plenty of room for picnics, play, and relaxation.

For families that revel in the arts, London’s arts scene is vibrant and accessible, with numerous galleries and interactive exhibits designed to inspire and engage children of all ages. The city’s love for music is evident in its many live music venues, where families can enjoy everything from classical concerts to modern pop performances. For those looking to indulge in literary culture, London’s venues for a poetry slam offer a unique night out where words and emotions flow freely in the heart of the city.

London’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population, making it a fantastic place for food-loving families to explore new tastes and cuisines. From top-notch dining experiences to cozy cafes, the city’s top restaurants and cafes cater to every palate, including the littlest ones. The London coffee scene guide is a must-read for parents looking for the best spots to recharge with a cup of coffee while the kids enjoy a sweet treat. Moreover, exploring London neighborhoods for food lovers can be a delightful way to discover the city’s diverse culinary offerings and vibrant local markets.

Water enthusiasts will find London’s water activities an exciting addition to their itinerary, from serene boat rides on the Thames to more adventurous pursuits like kayaking and paddleboarding. The city’s calendar is packed with festivals and events throughout the year, offering families a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, celebrate diversity, and make unforgettable memories.

Celebrating a special occasion in London? The city is full of fun birthday ideas, from themed parties at iconic venues to interactive experiences that will make your child’s day truly memorable. For cricket enthusiasts, a visit to The Oval offers a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s most famous cricket grounds, blending sport with history for an unforgettable experience.

This introduction to family-friendly London aims to highlight the city’s diverse offerings, ensuring that your trip is filled with experiences that cater to everyone’s interests and passions. London is a city where history, culture, and modernity converge, creating a dynamic backdrop for family adventures. Whether you’re exploring its historic landmarks, enjoying its lush parks, or indulging in its culinary delights, London offers a rich and varied palette of experiences that promise to make your family trip both enriching and unforgettable.

Why Sixes Cricket is the Perfect Venue for a Family Day Out

Sixes Social Cricket Bridging Generations for Inclusive Stag Do Fun

When it comes to finding things to do in London with kids, parents often look for places that combine fun, food, and activities in one location. Sixes Cricket stands out as a unique choice, offering a blend of dining and entertainment that caters to all family members, making it an ideal spot for a family day out. Unlike traditional sports clubs, Sixes Cricket is a restaurant/activity bar that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide an immersive cricket experience, alongside delicious meals and drinks.

Sixes Cricket has established itself as a family favorite, thanks to its three conveniently located venues in London – Wembley, Shepherd’s Bush, and Fulham. Each location is designed to welcome families with a warm and friendly atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit for both kids and adults. What sets Sixes Cricket apart is its innovative approach to cricket, allowing guests of all ages to engage in the sport through virtual bowlers and quality cricket batting cages. This modern twist on traditional cricket allows everyone to get in on the fun, regardless of their skill level.

The Fulham venue, situated in a vibrant neighborhood, offers a cozy setting for families to gather, enjoy a meal, and take their turn hitting against virtual bowlers. It’s a place where laughter and cheers fill the air, creating lasting memories. The Shepherd’s Bush location, known for its lively environment, provides a perfect backdrop for a fun-filled family outing. Here, kids can challenge their parents to a friendly game of cricket, adding a healthy dose of competition and excitement to the day. Meanwhile, the Wembley venue stands out for its spacious setup and state-of-the-art facilities, making it an excellent choice for larger family gatherings or celebrations.

One of the key reasons Sixes Cricket is a perfect venue for families is its commitment to creating an inclusive experience. The technology used in the cricket batting cages is adjustable, ensuring that children and beginners can participate comfortably alongside more experienced players. This inclusivity encourages families to engage in physical activity together, fostering a sense of teamwork and bonding through sport.

Beyond the cricket experience, Sixes Cricket prides itself on its culinary offerings. The menu features a variety of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary requirements, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. From hearty meals to light snacks and kid-friendly options, the food at Sixes Cricket complements the fun and active atmosphere. Parents can relax with a drink while the kids enjoy their cricket session, followed by a family meal that rounds off the day perfectly.

Safety is a top priority at Sixes Cricket, with all venues adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety measures. This peace of mind allows parents to relax and enjoy their time, knowing that their family is in a secure and welcoming environment. Additionally, the staff at Sixes Cricket are trained to provide excellent service, ensuring that every family’s visit is enjoyable and hassle-free.

For families looking for a unique and memorable day out in London, Sixes Cricket offers an unbeatable combination of sport, dining, and entertainment. It’s a place where families can connect, have fun, and create cherished memories together. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a fun weekend activity, Sixes Cricket‘s venues in Wembley, Shepherd’s Bush, and Fulham are ready to welcome you for an unforgettable family experience.

In conclusion, Sixes Cricket emerges as a standout choice among the myriad of family-friendly activities in London. Its innovative approach to combining cricket with dining in a friendly atmosphere makes it a go-to destination for families eager to enjoy quality time together. Visit any of the three Sixes Cricket venues in London for a day filled with fun, food, and cricket, and discover why it’s the perfect setting for a family day out.

Educational Attractions in London for Kids

Finding engaging things to do in London with kids can be a delightful challenge, given the city’s wealth of educational attractions. Places like The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, and The British Museum offer a treasure trove of knowledge and fun, designed to spark curiosity in young minds. These venues combine learning with interactive experiences, making them ideal spots for a family day out.

The Science Museum stands out for its captivating interactive galleries and the Wonderlab. The Wonderlab is a place where kids can get hands-on with science, engaging in experiments and demonstrations that make learning both fun and memorable. The museum’s diverse exhibits cover everything from space exploration to the latest technology, ensuring that children of all ages leave with a greater appreciation for the world of science.

Next on the list is The Natural History Museum, a magical place where kids can come face-to-face with towering dinosaur skeletons and explore the Darwin Centre. The museum makes history come alive, offering children a glimpse into the earth’s past through engaging exhibits and activities. From marveling at the size of a blue whale to discovering ancient fossils, the museum provides a fascinating journey through natural history.

The British Museum offers a unique opportunity for families to explore human history and culture from around the globe. With family-friendly activities and workshops, children can learn about ancient civilizations, see iconic treasures like the Rosetta Stone, and participate in educational programs. The museum’s vast collection includes artifacts from every corner of the world, making it a perfect place for kids to expand their horizons and develop a global perspective.

Visiting these educational attractions provides families with the perfect blend of learning and entertainment. Each venue is equipped with interactive displays and dedicated areas for children, ensuring that the experiences are accessible and engaging for young visitors. Furthermore, these museums offer free entry to most exhibitions, making them an affordable option for families looking to explore London’s rich educational landscape.

Beyond the exhibits, these museums offer workshops and special events tailored for children, providing even more opportunities for interactive learning. Whether it’s a science show at The Science Museum, a hands-on history workshop at The British Museum, or a dinosaur drawing session at The Natural History Museum, these activities are designed to engage children’s creativity and curiosity.

In addition to their educational value, these museums are situated in some of London’s most picturesque areas, making them a great starting point for a day of exploration. Nearby parks and outdoor spaces offer perfect spots for a family picnic or a leisurely walk, rounding off the educational experience with some relaxation and playtime.

In summary, London’s educational attractions like The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, and The British Museum offer families a unique combination of learning, fun, and exploration. These venues not only provide interactive experiences that engage children but also foster a love for knowledge that can last a lifetime. By visiting these museums, families can enjoy a day out in London that is both entertaining and enriching, making them must-visit destinations for anyone looking for educational things to do in London with kids.

Outdoor Adventures for Kids in London

Outdoor Adventures for Kids in London

When searching for things to do in London with kids that allow them to burn off some energy and connect with nature, the city’s array of outdoor adventures stands out. Kew Gardens, London Zoo, and the combined expanse of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens offer families the chance to explore the outdoors while learning about the natural world.

Kew Gardens isn’t just a haven for plant enthusiasts; it’s a wonderland for children. The Children’s Garden is specifically designed for young ones, with interactive elements that teach them about the elements that plants need to grow. Climbing frames, water play, and a variety of sensory experiences make this a must-visit. Not to mention, the Treetop Walkway elevates the adventure, giving kids and adults alike a bird’s-eye view of the gardens. Kew Gardens also hosts educational workshops throughout the year, making every visit both fun and informative.

Moving from plants to animals, London Zoo provides an immersive experience into the animal kingdom. With its wide range of animal encounters and live shows, children can come face-to-face with exotic animals and learn about their habitats and how we can protect them. The zoo’s conservation exhibits play a vital role in educating visitors about the importance of biodiversity and conservation efforts around the world. It’s an engaging way for kids to learn about the importance of taking care of our planet.

For families looking for more traditional park experiences, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are perfect. The Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens is a magical area that inspires children’s imaginations with its Peter Pan-themed play equipment, including a huge wooden pirate ship. Boating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park offers a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and view the park from a different perspective. Both parks provide ample space for picnics, walks, and leisurely bike rides, making them ideal for a family day out in the sun.

Each of these outdoor venues in London offers unique experiences that are both educational and entertaining. Kew Gardens enchants with its botanical wonders and interactive play areas designed just for kids. London Zoo engages young minds with its close-up animal encounters and conservation messages. Meanwhile, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens invite families to enjoy the beauty of nature and the joy of outdoor play in some of London’s most iconic green spaces.

Besides the main attractions, these venues often host seasonal events and activities, providing new experiences with every visit. From summer festivals at Kew Gardens to special animal talks at London Zoo and winter wonderlands in Hyde Park, there’s always something exciting happening for families to enjoy.

In conclusion, London’s outdoor adventures offer families the opportunity to explore nature, learn about the environment, and simply enjoy being outside together. Kew Gardens, London Zoo, and Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are just a few examples of the many places where kids can learn, play, and create lasting memories. Visiting these outdoor venues provides a perfect blend of education, adventure, and relaxation, making them top choices for families looking to experience the best of London’s natural offerings.

Historical Experiences for Kids in London

London’s rich tapestry of history offers numerous opportunities for families looking for things to do in London with kids that are both educational and entertaining. Historical sites like The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, and Greenwich and the Royal Observatory provide fascinating insights into the past, with engaging activities tailored for younger audiences.

The Tower of London is not just an iconic landmark but a gateway to Britain’s captivating history. Home to the Crown Jewels, this historic fortress offers more than just a glimpse of royal treasures. Yeoman Warder tours bring the Tower’s history to life, entertaining families with tales of intrigue, imprisonment, and execution that have occurred within its walls. Moreover, historical reenactments allow children to witness the past in action, making history both accessible and engaging.

Moving from the central city to the outskirts, Hampton Court Palace is a marvel of Tudor architecture and history. It’s not just the splendor of the palace that will capture the imaginations of young visitors; the Magic Garden is a playground that draws inspiration from the palace’s myths and legends, featuring dragons, mythical beasts, and a maze that is sure to delight and challenge the whole family. Additionally, costume-guided tours provide a unique and immersive way to explore the palace, allowing kids to step back in time and experience life as it might have been centuries ago.

Further afield, Greenwich and the Royal Observatory offer a journey into the realms of time and space. Standing on the Prime Meridian line, where east meets west, is a memorable experience, offering a tangible connection to the concept of global timekeeping. The observatory’s planetarium shows are a spectacular way to explore the universe, with captivating presentations that are designed to intrigue curious minds. Interactive exhibits throughout the observatory ensure that the adventure is as educational as it is enthralling.

Each of these historical venues is equipped to welcome families, providing a range of activities that cater to younger visitors. The Tower of London, with its blend of gruesome history and dazzling treasures, Hampton Court Palace, with its magical gardens and historical reenactments, and Greenwich and the Royal Observatory, with its astronomical wonders, all offer unique experiences that educate, fascinate, and entertain.

Beyond the main attractions, these venues often host family-friendly events, workshops, and seasonal activities that enhance the historical experience. Whether it’s a medieval festival at Hampton Court Palace, a knight school at The Tower of London, or stargazing events at Greenwich and the Royal Observatory, there’s always something special happening that will make your visit even more memorable.

Exploring London’s historical sites provides families with a unique opportunity to step back in time and discover the stories that have shaped the city and the world. The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, and Greenwich and the Royal Observatory stand out as must-visit destinations for families seeking to combine education with entertainment. These venues not only offer a glimpse into the past but also engage young visitors in ways that make history come alive, ensuring a day out that is both informative and unforgettable.

Entertainment and Shows for Kids in London

Entertainment and Shows for Kids in London

London offers a plethora of things to do in London with kids that are not only fun but also provide a dose of culture and history. For families looking to add a bit of drama and excitement to their visit, the city’s entertainment and show options like West End Children’s Theatre, The London Dungeon, and Madame Tussauds are perfect. Each venue offers unique experiences that cater to different interests and age groups, ensuring that every family finds something enjoyable.

West End Children’s Theatre presents an array of age-appropriate shows and interactive performances that are specifically designed to capture the imaginations of younger audiences. From timeless classics to contemporary tales, the performances are tailored to be engaging and suitable for children. The vibrant costumes, captivating storytelling, and interactive elements of the shows make for an unforgettable experience. Attending a performance here is not just entertaining; it introduces children to the magic of live theatre, sparking a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

The London Dungeon offers a slightly different entertainment experience, blending lighthearted frights with historical storytelling. This attraction is best suited for older kids who enjoy a bit of a thrill. The London Dungeon brings the darker side of London’s history to life through live actors, special effects, and rides. It’s an engaging way to learn about the city’s past, from the Great Plague to Jack the Ripper. The interactive nature of the exhibits ensures that the history lesson remains memorable and engaging.

For families interested in celebrity culture and historical figures, Madame Tussauds is a must-visit. This world-famous wax museum features lifelike figures of celebrities, sports icons, and historical personalities. The interactive zones allow kids and adults alike to stand shoulder to shoulder with their favorite stars or historical figures for a photo opportunity. Madame Tussauds is not just about taking pictures; it’s an interactive experience that includes immersive zones where visitors can engage in activities related to the figures on display, making history and celebrity culture accessible and engaging for children.

Visiting these entertainment venues provides families with a unique way to enjoy London’s cultural offerings. West End Children’s Theatre shows the beauty of storytelling through performance, The London Dungeon offers an interactive journey through the city’s grisly past, and Madame Tussauds brings visitors face to face with figures from history and contemporary culture.

In addition to their primary attractions, these venues often feature special events and seasonal performances that add an extra layer of excitement to your visit. Whether it’s a special Christmas show at West End Children’s Theatre, a Halloween event at The London Dungeon, or a new figure unveiling at Madame Tussauds, there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to.

In conclusion, for families exploring London with kids, the city’s entertainment and show options offer a diverse range of experiences that are both fun and educational. West End Children’s Theatre, The London Dungeon, and Madame Tussauds each provide a unique way to engage with culture, history, and the arts. These venues not only entertain but also inspire curiosity and learning in children, making them ideal choices for a family day out in London.

Interactive and Fun Learning Experiences for Kids in London

For families exploring things to do in London with kids, interactive and educational experiences can be both fun and insightful. Venues like SEA LIFE London Aquarium, London Transport Museum, and The LEGO Store Leicester Square offer children the opportunity to learn through play and discovery, making them ideal for a family day out filled with learning and laughter.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium invites families to dive deep into the underwater world, with its impressive underwater tunnels that give a spectacular view of marine life from sharks to colorful fish. The aquarium is not just about observation; it offers feeding times where kids can watch their favorite sea creatures being fed, along with conservation talks that educate visitors about the importance of marine conservation and what they can do to help protect our oceans. This combination of entertainment and education makes the aquarium a must-visit for families interested in marine life and environmental conservation.

Next, the London Transport Museum takes families on a journey through the history of London’s iconic transport system. With interactive exhibits and historical displays, children can learn about the evolution of the city’s buses, trains, and the Tube. They can hop aboard vintage vehicles, try their hand at driving a simulated tube train, and even explore the design and technology that keep London moving. This museum is perfect for kids with a curiosity about vehicles and the mechanics behind urban transportation, offering a hands-on learning experience that’s as fun as it is educational.

For those looking for a creative outlet, The LEGO Store Leicester Square stands as a monument to imagination and innovation. Recognized as the world’s largest LEGO store, it offers an array of interactive building experiences and exclusive sets that can’t be found anywhere else. The store features life-sized LEGO models and areas where children can build and play, encouraging creativity and fine motor skills. Whether it’s participating in a building challenge or marveling at the intricate displays, a visit to the LEGO store is sure to inspire and entertain builders of all ages.

These interactive venues offer more than just a day out; they provide immersive experiences that engage children’s minds and spark their curiosity. SEA LIFE London Aquarium offers a window into the wonders of the aquatic world, the London Transport Museum reveals the mechanics and history behind the city’s daily commute, and The LEGO Store Leicester Square encourages creativity and imagination through play. Each venue has tailored its offerings to be as enjoyable as they are informative, ensuring that families leave with not only memories but also new knowledge.

Beyond the primary attractions, these venues often host special events, workshops, and activities designed to deepen the learning experience. From behind-the-scenes tours at the aquarium to LEGO building competitions and transport-themed storytelling sessions, these additional offerings provide even more ways for families to engage with the content and each other.

In summary, for families searching for educational yet entertaining things to do in London with kids, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, London Transport Museum, and The LEGO Store Leicester Square present perfect options. These venues combine the joy of discovery with the excitement of hands-on learning, making them standout choices for parents looking to enrich their children’s understanding of the world around them. Whether it’s exploring the depths of the ocean, the history of London’s transport, or the limitless possibilities of LEGO, these interactive experiences are sure to delight and educate kids of all ages.

Parks and Playgrounds in London for Kids

Parks and Playgrounds in London for Kids

For families on the lookout for things to do in London with kids that allow for outdoor play and exploration, the city’s parks and playgrounds offer plenty of opportunities. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, Coram’s Fields, and Jubilee Gardens are just a few spots where kids can enjoy the fresh air, have fun on playground equipment, and maybe even learn something new about the natural world.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is an ideal destination for families with younger children. This small zoo provides an intimate setting where kids can get up close with animals, from playful monkeys to majestic farm animals. It’s not just about observing; the zoo offers interactive experiences like feeding times, which provide a hands-on learning opportunity about animal care and conservation. The zoo’s manageable size means that parents can relax, knowing their children can explore safely within sight.

Moving on to a unique urban oasis, Coram’s Fields is a 7-acre playground and park nestled in the heart of Bloomsbury. What sets Coram’s Fields apart is its dedication to children; adults are only permitted entry if they’re accompanying a child. This policy ensures a safe and focused environment for play and exploration. The park features a wide variety of play equipment, sports facilities, and even a small farm, making it a versatile space where children can run, play, and unleash their energy.

Jubilee Gardens, located on the South Bank, offers a scenic play area with stunning views of the London Eye and River Thames. Its modern playground equipment, designed for children of all ages, encourages physical activity and imaginative play against the backdrop of one of London’s most iconic landscapes. The gardens are a perfect spot for families to take a break from the bustling city, enjoy a picnic, and let the kids play in view of some of London’s most famous sights.

Each of these venues provides a different park experience but all share the common goal of offering safe, engaging outdoor spaces for children. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo combines the joys of animal interaction and play, Coram’s Fields brings a wide range of recreational activities within a child-focused environment, and Jubilee Gardens places play in the context of London’s rich cultural backdrop.

Besides the fixed attractions, these parks and playgrounds often host seasonal events and activities, adding extra layers of fun and discovery for visiting families. From Easter egg hunts in Coram’s Fields to family festivals in Jubilee Gardens, these events provide additional reasons to revisit these wonderful outdoor spaces.

For parents seeking a blend of outdoor activity, learning opportunities, and scenic relaxation, London’s parks and playgrounds offer a variety of choices. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo allows children to learn about animals in an interactive setting. Coram’s Fields serves as a massive play area where kids can engage in various sports and activities, fostering both physical and social development. Meanwhile, Jubilee Gardens gives families a place to play and relax with one of London’s best views.

London’s selection of parks and playgrounds, such as Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, Coram’s Fields, and Jubilee Gardens, offers something for every family. These spaces not only provide safe environments for children to play and explore but also enrich their experiences with educational elements and stunning scenery. For families exploring things to do in London with kids, these parks and playgrounds are must-visit destinations that promise fun, adventure, and relaxation in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Unique London Experiences for Kids

Unique London Experiences for Kids

When exploring things to do in London with kids, there’s a whole world of unique experiences beyond the usual tourist attractions. The city offers adventures that can transport families to magical worlds, provide new perspectives of the city from the water, and show them London from dizzying heights. The Harry Potter Studio Tour, a Thames River Cruise, and The View from The Shard are three such experiences that promise to make your family trip unforgettable.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a dream come true for fans of the beloved book and film series. This magical tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the Harry Potter films were brought to life. Families can walk through some of the series’ most iconic sets, including the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts Express. Seeing the costumes, props, and elaborate set designs up close lets kids and adults alike step into the world of wizardry and wonder, making it a must-visit for Harry Potter enthusiasts.

For those looking to see London from a different angle, a Thames River Cruise offers a unique sightseeing experience. Cruises on the Thames come with special commentary for kids, making the landmarks and history of London accessible and engaging for younger passengers. As you glide past the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and under the Tower Bridge, families can soak in the city’s sights from the comfort of a boat, turning a simple river journey into an educational adventure.

Lastly, The View from The Shard provides an opportunity to see London from the highest viewpoint in the city. As the tallest building in the UK, The Shard offers panoramic views that stretch up to 40 miles on a clear day. The high-speed elevators whisk families up to the observation decks, where interactive telescopes help kids discover London’s landmarks from above. The awe-inspiring views of the cityscape make it a breathtaking experience for visitors of all ages.

Each of these experiences offers a unique way to explore London, creating memories that families will cherish. The Harry Potter Studio Tour immerses visitors in the magic of filmmaking and the wizarding world. A Thames River Cruise combines leisure with learning, offering a fresh perspective on London’s historical and cultural landmarks. Meanwhile, The View from The Shard elevates sightseeing to new heights, literally, providing a bird’s-eye view of the city’s sprawling expanse.

Besides their main attractions, these experiences often include additional features that cater to families. The Harry Potter Studio Tour has interactive elements and photo opportunities that bring the magic closer to its visitors. Thames River Cruises often offer refreshments and activities on board to keep children entertained throughout the journey. At The View from The Shard, families can enjoy the open-air Skydeck on the 72nd floor, adding an element of adventure to the visit.

London’s array of unique experiences ensures that families have access to activities that are not only enjoyable but also wonderfully different from the everyday. Whether it’s stepping into the world of Harry Potter, cruising along the Thames, or viewing the city from the highest point, these activities offer something special for families seeking to make the most of their time in London. For those compiling a list of things to do in London with kids, adding these unique experiences to your itinerary promises a trip filled with adventure, learning, and unparalleled views.