Fun birthday ideas in London

Fun Birthday Ideas in London: Exciting Birthday Party Activities 2024

04 Feb 2024 | By Sixes Cricket

Looking for fun birthday party ideas in London? You’re in luck! London is your oyster when it comes to celebrating another trip around the sun. Whether you’re all about the buzz of social entertainment, the glitz and glam of swanky rooftop bars, diving into the quirky underbelly of themed escape rooms, or giggling through a comedy club with your nearest and dearest, the city has got you covered for your birthday party.

With an array of birthday party ideas that range from sipping on bespoke cocktails in hidden speakeasies to challenging friends at an urban axe throwing competition, the possibilities for a birthday party  are as endless as the queue at Buckingham Palace.

So, grab your party hats, and let’s dive into the ultimate guide to ensuring your birthday party  is packed with fun activities, memorable moments, and, of course, that quintessential British flair. Whether it’s your 18th or your 80th, London is ready to make your birthday bash as iconic as a double-decker bus ride through the heart of the city!

Fun Birthday Ideas in London

Fun Birthday party Ideas


Birthdays With Adventure And Thrills

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So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. This year, celebrate your birthday with a fun birthday idea in London that’s guaranteed to leave everyone wanting more. Book your Sixes Cricket experience today and let the good times roll at your birthday party.

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  1. Bounce: Trampoline Park with Dodgeball and Ninja Course Leap into your birthday with a bounce! Bounce offers an exhilarating trampoline experience combined with the thrill of dodgeball and ninja courses in London. It’s the perfect venue for those looking to add some high-flying fun to their birthday celebrations, offering a mix of activities that cater to all energy levels and ages for your birthday party.
  2. Clip ‘n Climb: Climbing for All Levels – Clip ‘n Climb transforms climbing into a fun, accessible activity for everyone, regardless of experience. With a variety of themed challenges, it’s an engaging way to test your agility and conquer fears, making for a memorable birthday adventure at your party.
  3. Go Ape Battersea Park & Alexandra Palace: High-Ropes Courses Go Ape offers an unforgettable treetop experience, with high-ropes courses set in the beautiful surroundings of Battersea Park and Alexandra Palace. Swing through the trees and enjoy zip lines, Tarzan swings, and breathtaking views for an adrenaline-packed birthday.
  4. The Crystal Maze: Immersive TV Show Experience – Step into the iconic world of The Crystal Maze, where you and your team navigate through physical, mental, skill, and mystery challenges in London. It’s an immersive experience that brings the excitement and nostalgia of the TV show to life, perfect for a unique birthday party.
  5. Paintballing: Team Combat Game Gather your squad for an action-packed birthday at one of London’s premier paintballing venues. It’s a thrilling way to celebrate, with various game scenarios that require strategy, teamwork, and a bit of competitive spirit for your birthday party in London.
  6. White Water Rafting at Lee Valley: Olympic Rapids Experience the thrill of white water rafting at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, an Olympic venue. Tackle the rapids in a rafting adventure that promises to be both challenging and exhilarating, ideal for adventure-seeking birthday groups.
  7. Go Karting: Indoor and Outdoor Tracks – Speed into your new year with a go-karting race in London! Whether you’re an experienced racer or a novice, go-karting offers a fun and competitive way to celebrate your birthday, with indoor and outdoor tracks available for all weather conditions.

Creative & Artistic Birthday Party Activities

Creative & Artistic Birthday Ideas

  1. Paint & Prosecco: Artistic Painting with Drinks – Unleash your inner artist at Paint & Prosecco, where painting meets partying in London. Sip on sparkling prosecco as you brush strokes of creativity onto canvas. It’s a relaxed, joyful way to celebrate, making no two paintings—or parties—ever the same for your London birthday party.
  2. Life Drawing: Traditional Drawing Classes – Dive into the world of fine art with traditional life drawing classes in London. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, life drawing offers a serene and sophisticated way to celebrate your birthday, focusing on form, shadow, and the beauty of the human figure for your party.
  3. Pottery Class: Ceramics Making – Get your hands dirty and your creative juices flowing in a pottery class in London. Mold, shape, and spin your way to creating your very own ceramics. It’s a tactile and rewarding experience, perfect for crafting memorable birthday keepsakes at your party.
  4. Flower Arranging Workshop & Crown Making: Floral Art – Step into a fragrant world of colour and creativity with a flower arranging workshop in London. Learn the art of bouquet making or crown crafting—a perfect activity for a serene and beautiful birthday celebration, leaving you with a gorgeous floral creation for your party.
  5. Perfume Making Workshop: Create Your Own Scent – Discover the delicate art of perfume making. Blend your own unique fragrance from essential oils, learning about the notes that make a scent sing. It’s an intimate and personal way to celebrate, offering a truly one-of-a-kind birthday gift to yourself in London.
  6. Candle Making Workshop: Scented Candle Crafting – Illuminate your birthday with a candle making workshop. Choose your scents and colors to craft candles that reflect your personality or the ambiance you wish to create. It’s a cozy and enlightening way to spend your special day, with a glowing reminder of the fun you had at your London birthday party.
  7. Life Drawing with Cocktails: Art and Cocktail Session – Combine the classic artistry of life drawing with the casual fun of cocktail sipping in London. This session offers a twist on traditional art classes, providing a relaxed atmosphere where you can draw, drink, and celebrate. It’s an ideal blend of creativity and leisure for your  birthday party.

Culinary Experiences | Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Culinary Experiences | Fun Birthday Ideas In London

  1. Michelin-starred Restaurant: Gourmet Dining – Celebrate your birthday with the ultimate dining experience at one of London’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Enjoy exquisite dishes crafted to perfection, indulging in flavors that speak the language of culinary excellence. It’s not just a meal; it’s a gourmet journey for your  birthday party.
  2. Bottomless Brunch: Unlimited Drinks Brunch in London, but make it limitless. The bottomless brunch offers a feast of flavors accompanied by endless drinks, ranging from mimosas to Bloody Marys. It’s a lively way to toast to another year, blending great food with spirited fun for your  birthday party.
  3. Street Food Market: Diverse Culinary Exploration – Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of London’s street food markets. From exotic dishes to traditional British fare, explore a world of flavors in one dynamic setting. It’s a casual yet exciting way to celebrate with friends and family for your birthday party.
  4. Afternoon Tea: British Tradition in London Experience the quintessence of British culture with an afternoon tea in London. Delicate sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of teas set the scene for a refined birthday celebration amidst the elegance of London’s tearooms for your party.
  5. Cooking Class & Culinary Masterclass: Learn New Dishes –  Dive into the art of cooking with a class or masterclass in London, perfect for food enthusiasts looking to broaden their culinary skills. Whether it’s mastering Italian cuisine or baking the perfect pastry, it’s a deliciously educational way to celebrate your  birthday party.
  6. Craft Beer Brewery Tour and Tasting: Beer Discovery – Embark on a journey through the craft beer scene with a brewery tour and tasting in London. Learn about the brewing process and sample a variety of beers, making for a birthday filled with discovery, laughter, and good cheer.
  7. Blind Tasting Dinner: Sensory Dining in London Engage your senses with a blind tasting dinner in London, where each course is a surprise. Without sight to guide you, flavors, textures, and aromas become intensified, making for a uniquely memorable birthday dining experience in London.
  8. Food Truck Festival: Street Food Celebration in London Join the festive atmosphere of a food truck festival in London, where the best of casual dining comes on wheels. Sample an array of dishes in a fun, laid-back setting—a perfect way to celebrate with those who share your zest for food and adventure at your London birthday party.
  9. Private Chef Experience: Personalized Dining in London For a truly bespoke birthday, a private chef experience offers personalized dining in the comfort of your home or chosen venue in London. Tailored menus and expertly prepared dishes create an intimate and exclusive culinary celebration for your London birthday party.

Culture & History | Fun Birthday Ideas London

Culture & History

  1. West End Show: Theater Performances in –  Immerse yourself in the dazzling world of live theater with a West End show in London. London’s premier performing arts scene offers everything from gripping dramas to heartwarming musicals, making it a must-do for culture enthusiasts celebrating a birthday in London.
  2. Visit a Museum: British Museum, Natural History, V&A – Explore the corridors of history and culture at iconic institutions like the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Each offers a unique glimpse into the past and present, from ancient artifacts to contemporary design for your  birthday party.
  3. Jack the Ripper Tour: Historical Walk in London Step back in time with a Jack the Ripper Tour, a chilling historical walk through the streets of Victorian London. This intriguing exploration combines history with mystery, perfect for those fascinated by London’s darker past at your birthday party.
  4. Harry Potter Walking Tour: Magical Footsteps – Follow in the magical footsteps of the world’s most famous wizard on a Harry Potter Walking Tour. Visit real-life locations that inspired the books and appeared in the movies, a spellbinding experience for fans of all ages at your London birthday party.
  5. Shakespeare’s Globe: Authentic Theater Experience – Experience Shakespeare’s plays as they were intended—at the Globe Theatre, an authentic reconstruction of the original Elizabethan playhouse in London. It’s an atmospheric dive into the bard’s timeless works, offering a unique birthday outing in London.
  6. Churchill War Rooms: WWII Bunker – Discover the secret history of Britain’s wartime effort at the Churchill War Rooms in London. This underground bunker complex offers an immersive look at life during World War II and the pivotal decisions made by Winston Churchill for your.
  7. Horniman Museum and Gardens: Eclectic Collections – The Horniman Museum and Gardens in London boasts eclectic collections that span natural history, anthropology, and musical instruments, set within 16 acres of beautiful gardens. It’s a fascinating and slightly off-the-beaten-path destination for curious minds at your London birthday party.
  8. Design Museum: Design and Innovation – Celebrate creativity and innovation at the Design Museum in London, showcasing everything from fashion to architecture. It’s a modern cultural experience that inspires and intrigues, perfect for design lovers looking to explore the cutting edge of contemporary creativity for their London birthday party.

Leisure & Luxury In London

Leisure & Luxury In London

  • Luxury Spa Day with Champagne: Relaxation and Champagne –  Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with a luxury spa day complemented by champagne. Unwind with pampering treatments, serene surroundings, and a glass of bubbly, creating a perfect blend of luxury and tranquility for your birthday party in London.
  • Afternoon Tea at a Palace: Tea at Historic Locations – Experience the elegance of traditional British afternoon tea at a historic palace in London. Enjoy delicate pastries, scones, and a selection of teas in a regal setting, making for an unforgettable birthday celebration steeped in tradition and luxury in London.
  • Private Helicopter Tour: Sky-high City Views – Elevate your birthday with a private helicopter tour over London. Soar above iconic landmarks and enjoy breathtaking views, offering a unique perspective and a thrilling experience of the city’s skyline for your party.
  • Luxury Yacht Cruise on the Thames: Elegant Sailing –  Set sail on the Thames with a luxury yacht cruise, combining elegant dining, sightseeing, and the glamour of yachting. It’s a sophisticated way to celebrate, offering panoramic views of London from the water for your birthday party.

Entertainment & Nightlife To Celebrate Your Birthday – Bar Or Club?

  1. Clubbing: Dance and Music – Dive into London’s vibrant nightlife with an unforgettable clubbing experience. Dance the night away to the latest tracks spun by top DJs, and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere that London’s nightclubs are renowned for. It’s the perfect way to celebrate for those who love to party till dawn at their birthday party in London.
  2. Karaoke & Private Karaoke Room: Sing Along – Unleash your inner pop star with a karaoke night in London, where you can sing along to your favorite hits. Opt for a private karaoke room to enjoy a more intimate setting with friends, making it a fun and memorable way to celebrate your birthday with a personal touch in London.
  3. Pub Crawl: Explore Historic Pubs – Embark on a pub crawl to explore some of London’s most historic and iconic pubs. It’s a great way to experience the city’s rich pub culture, taste traditional ales, and hear stories that bring the history of each venue to life. Perfect for those looking to blend celebration with exploration at their birthday party in London.
  4. Cocktail Masterclass: Mixology Skills –  Learn the art of cocktail making with a masterclass from expert mixologists in London. This interactive experience not only teaches you how to craft the perfect drink but also lets you enjoy your creations. It’s an ideal birthday activity for those who appreciate the finer points of cocktail culture in London.
  5. Comedy Club: Live Stand-up Comedy in London Enjoy a night of laughter at one of the city’s best comedy clubs. Live stand-up performances by budding and established comedians provide a dose of humor that’s sure to make your birthday celebration both joyful and memorable. It’s a lighthearted way to mark another year, perfect for those who love to laugh in London.

Outdoor Birthday Ideas in London

Outdoor Birthday Ideas in London

  • Canoeing on the Regent’s Canal: Paddle Through London Experience the tranquility of the city from a different perspective by canoeing on the Regent’s Canal. Glide through the city’s scenic waterways, passing by historical landmarks and lush greenery, making for a peaceful yet adventurous birthday activity in London.
  • Picnic in Hyde Park: Outdoor Relaxation – Celebrate your special day with a leisurely picnic in Hyde Park, one of London’s most iconic green spaces. Gather friends and family for an alfresco feast amidst the park’s serene landscapes, providing a perfect backdrop for outdoor relaxation and celebration for your birthday party in London.
  • Visit a Rooftop Bar: Sky Garden, Madison – Elevate your birthday celebration by visiting a rooftop bar like Sky Garden or Madison in London, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the London skyline. Sip on cocktails and bask in the panoramic vistas, making for a memorable and scenic birthday experience.
  • Bike Ride: Explore on Two Wheels in London Discover the beauty of the city on two wheels with a bike ride through the city. Whether it’s cycling along the Thames Path or through the historic streets, biking offers a fun and active way to explore the city’s sights on your birthday in London.
  • Walk Along the Thames Path: Riverside Views in London Take a leisurely walk along the Thames Path in London, enjoying the stunning riverside views and discovering the city’s charm at your own pace. It’s a delightful way to spend your birthday, combining gentle exercise with sightseeing in London.
  • London Eye: Iconic City Views – For a bird’s-eye view of London, take a spin on the London Eye. This iconic Ferris wheel offers spectacular city views, making it a must-do for a memorable birthday celebration that reaches new heights in London.
  • Boat Trip on the Thames: Sightseeing From the Water – Embark on a boat trip along the Thames for a unique sightseeing experience in London. From the water, you’ll enjoy unparalleled views of London’s historic and modern landmarks, offering a relaxing and picturesque way to celebrate your birthday.

Family & Kids Birthday Ideas In London

  1. Escape Room: Puzzle-solving Teamwork in London Engage the whole family in an escape room adventure in London, where teamwork and puzzle-solving skills are key to unlocking mysteries and achieving a common goal. It’s a thrilling experience that challenges the mind and strengthens family bonds, perfect for birthday celebrations in London.
  2. Board Game Cafe: Social Gaming in London Visit a board game cafe for a cozy and interactive birthday celebration in London. With shelves stocked with classic and contemporary games, it’s a great way to engage in some friendly competition and laughter, making it ideal for families looking to share quality time.
  3. Games Arcade: Retro and New Arcade Games – Step into the vibrant world of a games arcade in London, where nostalgia meets modern gaming. From classic pinball machines to the latest video games, arcades offer endless entertainment for kids and adults alike, ensuring a birthday filled with fun and excitement in London.
  4. Flight Simulator: Pilot Experience – For an extraordinary birthday adventure, take the controls in a flight simulator experience in London. Budding aviators can learn the basics of flying and navigate virtual skies, making it an unforgettable experience for children fascinated by airplanes in London.
  5. Zoo Visit: London Zoo, ZSL Whipsnade in London Celebrate your birthday among the animal kingdom with a visit to London Zoo or ZSL Whipsnade. Explore diverse habitats, learn about conservation, and get up close with some of the world’s most incredible wildlife, offering an educational and enjoyable day out for the whole family in London.
  6. West End Kids’ Show: Theater for Families in London Immerse your family in the magic of live theatre with a West End kids’ show in London. These performances, tailored for younger audiences, combine storytelling, music, and spectacle, creating an enchanting experience that captivates children and adults alike in London.
  7. Science Museum: Interactive Exhibits in London Foster curiosity and learning with a trip to the Science Museum in London. Its interactive exhibits cover a range of topics from space to technology, making science accessible and fun for kids. It’s an inspiring way to celebrate a birthday, sparking imagination and wonder in young minds in London.

Unique Birthday Experiences In London

Unique Birthday Experiences In London

  • Dinner in the Dark at Dans le Noir: Experience dining in a new light, or rather, in the dark, at Dans le Noir in London. This unique dining experience challenges your senses, serving exquisite dishes unseen. It’s an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday, enhancing flavors and conversation without the distraction of sight in London.
  • Jack the Ripper Pie & Mash Shop: Step back into Victorian London with a meal at a pie and mash shop that pays homage to the era of Jack the Ripper in London. It’s a historical culinary journey, offering traditional London fare in an atmosphere brimming with history for your birthday party.
  • The Diner: Immerse yourself in the classic American diner experience in the heart of London. The Diner serves up hearty American classics, from burgers to milkshakes, in a setting that’s straight out of a 1950s movie. It’s a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate a birthday in London.
  • Bunga Bunga Covent Garden: Bunga Bunga Covent Garden offers a feast for the senses, combining delicious Italian cuisine with live entertainment in London. From cabaret to comedy, enjoy a dinner that’s as spectacular as it is delicious, making for a memorable birthday bash in London.
  • Sketch: Dining Amidst Art Installations in London Sketch is more than a restaurant; it’s an art gallery where the canvas is your plate, and the installations are as creative as the cuisine in London. Each room offers a different theme and menu, ensuring a dining experience that’s as visually stimulating as it is gastronomically for your birthday party in London.
  • Silent Disco Yoga: Combine the tranquility of yoga with the energy of a silent disco in London. Silent Disco Yoga offers a unique way to celebrate, moving and stretching to music only you can hear through headphones. It’s a fun, uplifting, and utterly unique birthday activity in London.
  • Indoor Skydiving at iFly London: Feel the thrill of skydiving without jumping from a plane at iFly London. Indoor skydiving offers all the excitement of freefall in a safe and controlled environment, perfect for adrenaline-seekers looking to celebrate their birthday with a bit of wind in their hair in London.
  • Escape Room with a Twist: Dive into a story and solve puzzles in an escape room with a twist in London. Each room offers a unique theme and narrative, from spy missions to historical adventures, providing a thrilling and mentally stimulating way to mark the occasion of your birthday party in London.
  • Dinner in the Sky: Elevate your dining experience, quite literally, with Dinner in the Sky in London. Enjoy gourmet meals served in the sky, offering unparalleled views of London’s skyline. It’s an exclusive and breathtaking way to celebrate a birthday, combining luxury dining with a sense of adventure in London.

Educational & Informative

  1. Museum Lates: Explore the wonders of history, art, and science after hours with Museum Lates in London. These evening visits offer a unique atmosphere to discover exhibitions and special events in a new light, making for a culturally enriching birthday experience in London.
  2. Free Walking Tours: Embark on a journey through London’s hidden streets and stories with a free walking tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, uncover the secrets of the city’s history, architecture, and neighborhoods—a fascinating and informative way to celebrate in London.
  3. Outdoor Film Screenings: Experience cinema with a twist by attending an outdoor film screening in London. From historical settings to park picnics, watching a movie under the stars adds a magical element to any birthday, combining the joy of films with the beauty of London’s outdoor spaces.
  4. Live Music: Dive into London’s vibrant music scene with live performances in pubs across the city. From jazz to indie rock, enjoy the intimate atmosphere and discover new artists, making your birthday celebration both lively and memorable in London.
  5. Street Performers: Be entertained by the array of street performers that dot London’s public spaces. From Covent Garden to the Southbank, enjoy spontaneous performances by musicians, magicians, and acrobats—a fun and free way to add entertainment to your birthday in London.
  6. Bollywood Dancing Class: Get moving and grooving with a Bollywood dancing class in London. These energetic and colorful dance lessons are a joyful way to celebrate, offering a lively introduction to the moves and music of Bollywood cinema for your birthday party in London.
  7. Ghost Tour: For a thrilling birthday adventure, take a ghost tour of London. Delve into the eerie history of the city’s haunted locations, from ancient graveyards to historic pubs, and hear tales that will send shivers down your spine during your birthday celebration in London.
  8. London Dungeon: Experience the darker side of London’s history at the London Dungeon. This attraction brings to life historical events using actors, special effects, and rides, providing an entertaining and educational way to celebrate a birthday with a bit of a thrill in London.


In summing up the ultimate guide to fun birthday ideas in London, we’ve danced through the city’s vibrant streets, uncovering the most joyously jubilant ways to celebrate another trip around the sun in London.

Whether it’s sipping on whimsically mixed concoctions at the city’s chicest cocktail bars or embarking on laughter-filled treasure hunts that crisscross this historical yet ever-surprising location, London proves it’s the place to be for birthdays. From the classic birthday party ideas in London that include grooving until dawn at a thrilling party in London, to the more unique birthday ideas that have you posing for photos that’ll make your social media pop, we’ve covered it all for your London birthday party.

Don’t forget to drop your email address at your chosen cocktail bar to snag those birthday freebies in London!

So, whether you’re plotting a birthday party that’s as extravagant as the city itself or looking for things to do in London that break the birthday mold, remember: in the city, the world is your oyster, and the pearls are the endless possibilities to make your special day unforgettable in London.


What are the best birthday party venues in London?

London is teeming with exciting birthday party venues, from the eclectic bars in Shoreditch to the sophisticated cocktail bars in the East. For those seeking something unique, consider venues that offer cocktail making classes or bottomless brunches. Reviews often highlight the vibrant atmosphere of these spots, making them ideal for memorable celebrations.

How can I find unique event spaces for a birthday party?

Explore London’s diverse range of event spaces, including hidden gems in East London and exclusive clubs known for their impressive views. Take time to read reviews and consider spaces that offer bespoke event planning services, ensuring your party is as unique as the venue itself.

Where can I buy tickets for exclusive birthday experiences?

For those looking to buy tickets to unique birthday experiences, London offers everything from treasure hunts around the city to entry tickets for themed cocktail bars. Ensure to check terms and availability in advance, as some experiences, especially those in sought-after locations like rooftop bars, may require bookings well ahead of time.

Can you recommend any cocktail bars for a birthday celebration?

London boasts an array of cocktail bars perfect for birthday celebrations. From the classic ambience of bars in the city’s heart to the innovative cocktail making scenes in East London, there’s something for every taste. Consider bars that have received positive reviews for their unique blends and vibrant atmospheres.

What are some fun daytime birthday activities?

For a fun daytime birthday activity, London offers everything from scavenger hunts in historic streets to luxury brunches in high-end venues. Consider taking a boat ride along the Thames for a unique view of the city, or engage in a street art tour in Shoreditch for a cultural experience.

How do I organise a birthday party in a  club?

Organising a birthday party in a London club involves several steps, including checking the club’s capacity for party venues, understanding the booking terms, and possibly taking bookings directly through the club’s email address. Look for clubs that cater to birthday events and offer package deals for groups.

What options are there for celebrating a birthday in East London?

East London is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and eclectic bars, making it a fantastic location for birthday celebrations. From trendy cocktail bars offering bespoke drinks to exclusive venues hosting all-night events, East London has it all. Be sure to explore venues with great reviews for the best experience.

Are there any unique birthday party ideas that involve scavenger hunts?

Yes, London offers unique birthday party ideas that include scavenger hunts. These activities can be themed around historical locations or tailored to explore the hidden gems of the city. They’re perfect for groups looking for an adventurous and interactive way to celebrate, with many hunts taking place in notable areas like the city centre or along the Thames.

Can I find a birthday party bar that offers cocktail making classes?

Certainly! Many party bars in London offer cocktail making classes as part of their event space offerings. This can be a fun and engaging activity for your guests, allowing them to create their signature drinks under the guidance of a professional mixologist. Check the bar’s event offerings or email them directly for more information.

What are the best strategies for taking bookings at London’s popular birthday venues?

The best strategy for taking bookings at popular London birthday venues includes planning well in advance, especially for sought-after locations like rooftop bars or exclusive clubs. Use email or the venue’s online booking system to secure your spot. Reading reviews can also provide insights into the best times to celebrate and tips for ensuring your party is a hit.