Festivals and Events in Leicester

The Most Exciting Festivals and Events in Leicester

17 Nov 2023 | By Sixes Cricket

Embark on a cultural journey through the vibrant tapestry of Leicester, a city pulsating with life and diversity. Discover the most exciting festivals and events in Leicester that celebrate the rich heritage and dynamic spirit of this captivating destination.

Among the gems in Leicester’s event calendar are the captivating outdoor activities that seamlessly blend recreation and community engagement. Picture lively open-air markets, fitness festivals, and cultural performances set against the backdrop of Leicester’s picturesque landscapes.

These events not only energize the city but also provide a unique platform for locals and visitors to share in the collective joy of communal experiences.

Leicester’s commitment to cultivating green spaces that foster community bonds extends beyond outdoor activities.

The city boasts enchanting gardens that serve as tranquil retreats and, at the same time, dynamic venues for cultural celebrations. These gardens become canvases for artistic expressions, hosting events that showcase Leicester’s passion for blending nature with festivities.

For those seeking an alternative and unforgettable experience, Leicester offers a vibrant array of Hen Do locations. From trendy bars to unique venues, Leicester provides the perfect backdrop for pre-wedding celebrations, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Leicester’s appeal extends beyond specific events, with a myriad of attractions that beckon explorers and day-trippers. From historical landmarks to modern wonders, Leicester’s attractions are woven into the fabric of the city’s identity, telling stories of its past, present, and future.

Families seeking quality time together can explore family-friendly activities that cater to all ages. Leicester provides a host of options, from interactive museums to nature reserves, ensuring that families can create lasting memories within the city’s embrace.

Dive into Leicester’s thriving arts scene that showcases creativity in various forms. Galleries, theaters, and street art come together to present a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, reflecting Leicester’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive cultural landscape.

Leicester’s cultural vibrancy extends to its craft beer scene, where enthusiasts can explore the city’s craft beer scene. From traditional pubs to modern breweries, Leicester offers a diverse selection of craft beverages, creating a haven for those who appreciate the artistry of brewing.

Finally, Leicester’s historic sites stand as testaments to the city’s enduring legacy. Explore the stories etched in time by visiting historic sites that narrate Leicester’s journey through the ages.

As you navigate the bustling events and attractions, let Leicester’s spirit captivate you, making your journey through its festivals and events a vibrant and memorable experience.

Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival is celebrated in Leicester. It is a time of joy for the city’s Hindu community.

During Diwali, families come together to illuminate oil lamps known as diyas. These diyas create a captivating atmosphere. The festival lasts for five days, with each day holding its own unique significance.

The festivities involve adorning homes and public spaces with lights and rangoli designs created using coloured powders or flowers. People exchange gifts and sweets as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. Firework displays add to the festive spirit.

Diwali Festival is a time to enjoy traditional Indian cuisine. Families prepare sweets and snacks such as gulab jamun, jalebi, and samosas. The aroma of these delicacies fills the air.

The festival includes religious ceremonies and prayers conducted at local temples. Cultural performances featuring traditional music and dance are organized, showcasing the rich heritage of Leicester’s Hindu community.

Diwali Festival in Leicester brings people together and promotes unity and harmony. It provides an opportunity to embrace the vibrant traditions and customs of Hindu culture. The festival enhances the well-being of the community and nurtures cultural proficiency for all participants.

Leicester Riverside Cinema

Leicester Riverside Cinema offers a unique movie-watching experience. Here are key aspects of the cinema:

Outdoor setting: Leicester Riverside Cinema provides an outdoor setting for film screenings. Film enthusiasts can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while watching films.

Riverside location: This cinema is situated by the riverside, offering a picturesque backdrop for movie nights. The calm atmosphere and scenic views add to the charm of the experience.

Variety of films: Leicester Riverside Cinema showcases a diverse range of films, catering to different genres and interests. From classic movies to contemporary releases, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Family-friendly environment: This cinema is suitable for all ages, making it a great option for families. Whether you are planning a movie night with children or a romantic evening with a partner, Leicester Riverside Cinema has you covered.

Comfortable seating: The cinema provides comfortable seating options, ensuring that moviegoers can relax and enjoy the film.

Food and refreshments: Leicester Riverside Cinema offers a selection of food and refreshments, allowing visitors to indulge in their favourite snacks while watching the movie.

Community atmosphere: The cinema creates a warm and friendly community atmosphere, bringing people together to share a love for film.

Caribbean Carnival

Caribbean Carnival

The Caribbean Carnival in Leicester is a lively celebration that brings the Caribbean spirit to the streets of Leicester. Thousands of visitors from across the country attend this yearly festival. Here are some main features of the event:

Vibrant Parade: Participants wearing stunning costumes dance to the infectious rhythms of Caribbean music and showcase their culture and heritage.

Live Music and Performances: The carnival is filled with live music performances, ranging from pulsating reggae beats to energetic soca music.

Varied Food and Drinks: Enjoy delicious Caribbean dishes and refreshing tropical drinks, including jerk chicken and curried goat.

Family-Friendly Activities: The Caribbean Carnival offers activities and entertainment suitable for people of all ages, such as face painting, interactive workshops, and games.

Sense of Community: The carnival promotes unity and diversity, bringing together attendees from different backgrounds.

If you plan to attend the Caribbean Carnival, remember to bring your dancing shoes, dress in vibrant colors, and embrace the lively atmosphere. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the delightful Caribbean delicacies and immerse yourself in the vibrant music and performances.

Leicester Comedy Festival

The Leicester Comedy Festival in Leicester, UK is an event that is highly anticipated. It showcases lively performances from top comedians from around the world, presenting a diverse range of stand-up routines and sketch shows.

The festival takes place in various venues, such as theatres, clubs, pubs, and cafes, offering attendees different settings and atmospheres to enjoy comedy. It also serves as a platform for both established and emerging comedians to showcase their talents.

Alongside the performances, the festival hosts special events like panel discussions, workshops, and competitions, allowing attendees to engage with the comedy industry on a deeper level.

Attending the Leicester Comedy Festival last year was an unforgettable experience. The energy and laughter in the air were infectious. I had the opportunity to see performances from my favourite comedians and discover new talents.

The festival’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere made it easy to connect with fellow comedy enthusiasts. It was a weekend filled with joy, laughter, and pure entertainment.

I can’t wait to attend the Leicester Comedy Festival again and create more incredible memories.

Leicester Riverside Festival

Leicester Riverside Festival

Leicester Riverside Festival is a highly anticipated event that showcases the diverse and rich culture of the city.

The festival includes a wide array of activities and performances, such as live music, dance shows, and delicious food from various stalls.

One of the main attractions of the festival is a spectacular fireworks display that enchants both young and old. Visitors can also explore art and craft stalls, where local artisans present their unique creations.

The festival is family-friendly, offering interactive workshops, amusement park rides, and street performers to keep children entertained.

Its aim is to promote a sense of community and unity among the people of Leicester and to celebrate the city’s heritage.

Come and join us at the Leicester Riverside Festival for an unforgettable experience filled with joy, entertainment, and cultural enrichment.

Leicester Pride

Leicester Pride is an annual event which celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. It promotes equality and acceptance for all. The event includes a procession, live performances, music, dance, food stalls, and activities for people of all ages.

The procession is a key attraction of Leicester Pride. Participants showcase their pride with colourful costumes, banners, and floats, demonstrating unity and diversity.

The festival features live performances by local and international artists, including singers and dancers, creating an enjoyable atmosphere that embraces the spirit of Leicester Pride.

Food stalls offer a variety of cuisines to cater to different tastes, ranging from traditional street food to international delicacies.

Leicester Pride also serves as a platform for LGBTQ+ organizations and charities to raise awareness and support their causes.

Attending Leicester Pride is a wonderful way to celebrate diversity, support inclusivity, and have a fantastic time. It brings people together, fosters understanding and acceptance, and promotes equality for all. Join in the festivities at Leicester Pride!


1. Reserve a spot along the procession route to experience the energy and excitement of Leicester Pride.

2. Bring your dancing shoes and groove to the music.

3. Explore the food stalls and sample different cuisines from around the world while supporting local vendors.

4. Visit the booths of LGBTQ+ organizations and charities to show your support and learn about their important work.

5. Capture special moments of Leicester Pride by taking photos and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #LeicesterPride to spread the message of love and acceptance.

Leicester Music Festival

Leicester Music Festival

Leicester Music Festival is an annual event showcasing diverse musical talent. It is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and attracts music enthusiasts from across the country.

Music line-up: The festival features both local and international artists, offering performances ranging from rock and pop to jazz and classical music.

Venue: The festival takes place at a spacious outdoor location that can accommodate a large number of attendees.

Food and drink: There are plenty of food and drink stalls offering a variety of cuisines and beverages.

Activities: The festival also offers workshops, art installations, and entertaining games for attendees to enjoy.

Community involvement: The festival actively engages with the local community, providing opportunities for local musicians and performers.

Attending the Leicester Music Festival last year was an unforgettable experience. The energy was electrifying as I stepped into the venue, with music filling the air. The line-up of artists was diverse, each with their own unique style and performance. The atmosphere was lively, with people dancing and singing along.

One of the highlights was discovering new music. I came across a local band with incredible stage presence that left the crowd in awe. There was a wide array of food options, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. I relished trying dishes from different stalls, enhancing the festive experience.

What made the Leicester Music Festival extraordinary was the sense of community. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate their love for music. The festival provided entertainment and a platform for local talent to shine.

Attending the Leicester Music Festival was more than just a musical event; it was an immersive experience that brought joy and a sense of belonging. I eagerly look forward to future editions of the festival, excited to discover new artists and create even more cherished memories.

Leicester Belgrave Mela

The Leicester Belgrave Mela is an annual festival that celebrates Leicester’s rich cultural heritage and the South Asian community. It attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Music and Dance: The festival showcases traditional South Asian folk dances, Bollywood-inspired performances, and live music from renowned artists. The beats and moves create a festive atmosphere.

Food and Drinks: The Mela offers a diverse array of food stalls with South Asian cuisine. Visitors can enjoy dishes like biryani, samosas, kebabs, and desserts like gulab jamun and jalebi.

Arts and Crafts: Local artists and artisans showcase their talent with handmade crafts, jewellery, textiles, and artworks.

Fun and Entertainment: The Mela offers various activities and entertainment for all ages, including funfair rides, games, face painting, and henna art.

Cultural Exchange: The festival brings people from different backgrounds together, promoting cultural harmony and understanding. It allows visitors to learn about the rich heritage of Leicester’s South Asian community.

Attending the Leicester Belgrave Mela is a wonderful way to experience Leicester’s South Asian community. Don’t miss out on this exciting celebration of music, dance, food, and art!

Leicester Holi Festival

Leicester Holi Festival

Leicester Holi Festival is an annual celebration in Leicester, UK. This vibrant event celebrates the arrival of spring.

During the festival, participants throw coloured powders and water at each other, symbolising the victory of good over evil.

The festival is known for its lively music, energetic dance performances, and delicious food stalls. It creates a sense of unity and togetherness as people dance and sing together, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

One of the highlights is the Holi bonfire, where people gather to offer prayers and seek blessings for a prosperous year ahead.

Attending the Leicester Holi Festival is a chance to experience the rich culture and traditions of India and create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to Leicester, this festival is a must-attend event that promises fun, excitement, and a truly memorable experience.

Leicester Folk Festival

The Leicester Folk Festival is an annual celebration of folk music and dance in Leicester, UK. Talented musicians and performers from around the country come together to showcase their traditional music and entertain audiences of all ages.

During the festival, you can expect lively performances of traditional folk songs and melodies, accompanied by instruments such as the guitar, fiddle, and accordion. The festival also features captivating dance performances, including Ceilidhs and Morris dancing, which will get your feet tapping.

One highlight of the festival is the opportunity to participate in workshops and learn about various folk music traditions. You can learn how to play the bodhran or try your hand at traditional English country dancing. These workshops offer chances to enhance your musical skills and cultivate a deeper appreciation for folk music.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or curious about folk music, the Leicester Folk Festival offers a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates the rich heritage of this genre. So, mark your calendars and join in the festivities at the next Leicester Folk Festival.

If you plan to attend the festival, bring comfortable shoes for dancing and participating in workshops. Also, remember to pack a picnic blanket or folding chairs to relax and enjoy the music in the outdoor venues. Look out for special performances and guest artists, as they often add an extra element of excitement to the festival.