Best Brighton Wineries and Wine Bars for a Hen Do

The Best Brighton Wineries and Wine Bars for a Hen Do

04 Apr 2024 | By Sixes Cricket

Brighton, with its vibrant culture and stunning coastline, has long been a favored destination for those looking to celebrate special occasions, not least among them, hen dos. As the last hurrah before tying the knot, a hen do in Brighton offers an eclectic mix of activities tailored to diverse tastes and preferences. While the city is renowned for its lively nightlife and picturesque beaches, an emerging trend among hen party planners is the exploration of Brighton wineries and wine bars for a hen do. This focus not only caters to the refined palates of wine aficionados but also promises an experience that combines relaxation, sophistication, and the joy of discovering new tastes.

The allure of incorporating wine-themed outings into a hen do lies in the balance it strikes between indulgence and moderation. Brighton’s wineries and wine bars offer an enchanting backdrop for celebrating, providing an opportunity for hens to immerse themselves in the world of wine tasting, surrounded by the scenic beauty of vineyards or the chic elegance of urban wine bars. This experience offers a unique twist to the traditional hen do, inviting participants to savor the rich flavors of local and international wines, learn about the winemaking process, and even blend their own wines in some instances.

However, planning a hen do that revolves around wine does not mean overlooking the importance of responsible drinking. The celebration can be both memorable and balanced, with the right approach to handling alcohol at hen dos, ensuring that everyone enjoys the occasion without compromising on safety or enjoyment. This is particularly pertinent in a setting where the tasting and appreciation of wine are central to the experience, encouraging an appreciation of quality over quantity.

In addition to wine tasting, the culinary offerings of Brighton’s wine bars and nearby eateries can significantly enhance the hen do experience. Pairing exquisite wines with gourmet food and drink ideas can transform a simple wine tasting into a comprehensive epicurean adventure. From artisanal cheeses and charcuterie to sophisticated canapés and local specialties, the food complements the wine, making each sip a discovery of flavors that tantalize the palate.

Moreover, a wine-centric hen do in Brighton opens up possibilities for integrating other forms of leisure and relaxation into the itinerary. For instance, visiting spas in Brighton for a day of pampering can be the perfect counterbalance to a day spent exploring vineyards and wine bars. This combination of activities not only caters to a range of interests but also promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation, ensuring that the bride-to-be and her entourage feel rejuvenated and connected.

At the heart of a hen do is the opportunity to foster stronger bonds among friends and family. Brighton’s wineries and wine bars, with their inviting atmospheres and shared experiences of discovery, offer a unique setting for encouraging bonding among the hen party attendees. Whether it’s laughing over a particularly memorable wine, sharing stories around a cozy bar, or simply enjoying the serene views of a vineyard, these moments become treasured memories that celebrate friendship and love.

In planning a hen do that incorporates visits to Brighton’s wineries and wine bars, the aim is to create an unforgettable experience that balances fun, exploration, and the celebration of upcoming nuptials. From the anticipation of tasting new wines to the joy of shared experiences, the focus is on creating a hen do that is not only enjoyable but also meaningful. This approach not only ensures a memorable celebration but also reflects a deeper appreciation for the moments and connections that make life truly rich. As you explore the possibilities for a hen do in Brighton, consider the unique blend of culture, cuisine, and camaraderie that wine-themed outings offer, promising a celebration that will be cherished for years to come.

The Royal Pavilion Wine Estate

The Royal Pavilion Wine Estate

The Royal Pavilion Wine Estate offers a mesmerizing blend of history, culture, and viticulture, making it an indispensable destination for wine lovers visiting Brighton. This remarkable estate provides a rare opportunity to explore the intertwining of Brighton’s royal heritage with the contemporary craft of winemaking. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, the estate extends over 30+ acres of meticulously maintained vineyards, emphasizing organic and sustainable farming practices to cultivate premium quality grapes.

At the Royal Pavilion Wine Estate, the journey from vine to bottle is an art form, celebrated through a diverse portfolio of wines that include sparkling, white, red, and rosé varieties, each embodying the unique terroir of the region. Visitors are invited to delve into the essence of these wines through guided tastings, complemented by an exquisite food pairing experience featuring the finest locally sourced cheeses and cured meats.

Beyond the sensory delights of wine tasting, the estate offers an enriching array of activities, from informative guided tours that recount the estate’s storied past and its winemaking endeavors to hands-on wine blending workshops where visitors can create their personal vintage. The commitment to excellence and the immersive experiences available make the Royal Pavilion Wine Estate a hidden treasure in Brighton’s wine scene, offering a visit that is as educational as it is enjoyable.

Ridgeview Wine Estate

Located in the verdant Sussex countryside, Ridgeview Wine Estate is synonymous with the pinnacle of English sparkling wine production. With its own expansive vineyards, Ridgeview exercises meticulous control over every step of the grape-growing process, ensuring that only the finest grapes are used to craft its celebrated wines. This dedication to quality has propelled Ridgeview to international acclaim, earning the estate numerous awards and solidifying its position as a leader in the English wine industry.

Ridgeview’s sparkling wines are celebrated for their sophistication and complexity, capturing the delicate balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovative winemaking techniques. The estate offers visitors a chance to explore the heart of its operation through guided tours and tastings, providing an intimate glimpse into the meticulous process that goes into each bottle.

Set amidst picturesque scenery, Ridgeview Wine Estate is not only a haven for connoisseurs but also for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature intertwined with human ingenuity. The estate’s history, marked by moments like its selection for the Downing Street Royal Wedding Celebration in 2010, attests to its esteemed status and the unparalleled quality of its wines. A visit to Ridgeview is an essential experience for those seeking to explore the excellence of UK viticulture and enjoy the finest sparkling wines Sussex has to offer.

Albourne Estate

Albourne Estate

Albourne Estate stands as a beacon of the wine renaissance in Brighton, offering visitors a glimpse into the heart of Sussex’s winemaking revolution. Spread across 30 acres of picturesque vineyards, Albourne Estate is dedicated to the cultivation of a diverse array of grape varieties, each selected for its ability to thrive in the local climate and soil. The estate’s commitment to organic and biodynamic practices is a testament to its dedication to sustainability and producing wines of the highest quality.

Visitors to Albourne Estate are treated to a comprehensive journey through the vineyard and winery, led by knowledgeable staff who share insights into the estate’s unique winemaking philosophy, the characteristics of different grape varieties, and the intricacies of the production process. The tour culminates in a tasting session where guests can sample the estate’s exceptional portfolio, including crisp whites, complex reds, and exquisite sparkling wines, each telling a story of the land from which it came.

Albourne Estate is more than just a winery; it is a destination where the beauty of the Sussex countryside meets the passion and artistry of winemaking. Whether you are a seasoned wine aficionado or simply seeking a peaceful day out among the vines, Albourne Estate promises an unforgettable experience that highlights the best of Brighton’s local wine scene. Add it to your itinerary for a taste of the exceptional and a celebration of sustainable viticulture.

Rathfinny Wine Estate

The Rathfinny Wine Estate in Brighton is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why it should be on your itinerary:

1. Vineyards: Rathfinny Wine Estate has extensive vineyards that grow various grape varieties. The estate covers over 600 acres of land, providing an idyllic setting for grape cultivation and wine production.

2. Winemaking Facilities: The estate boasts state-of-the-art winemaking facilities, ensuring the production of excellent wines. Every step, from harvesting the grapes to fermenting and aging, is meticulously carried out to create exceptional wines.

3. Tastings and Tours: Rathfinny Wine Estate offers guided tours and tasting experiences. Visitors can learn about the winemaking process while enjoying the exquisite wines produced on-site. These immersive experiences allow you to indulge your senses and expand your knowledge of wine.

4. Sparkling Wines: Rathfinny Wine Estate is renowned for its sparkling wines, especially their award-winning Sussex Sparkling wines. They offer a variety of sparkling wines, ranging from crisp and refreshing Blanc de Blancs to complex and elegant Blanc de Noirs, to cater to different tastes.

If you are planning a visit to Rathfinny Wine Estate, here are a few suggestions to enhance your experience:

  • Join a vineyard tour to learn about the different grape varieties grown at the estate.
  • Take part in a tasting session to explore the range of sparkling wines produced by Rathfinny Wine Estate.
  • Enjoy a picnic amidst the picturesque vineyards while tasting their wines for a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Consider visiting during the harvest season to witness the grape-picking process firsthand.

Immerse yourself in the world of winemaking and savor the exquisite wines produced by this renowned Brighton gem as you visit Rathfinny Wine Estate.

Ridgeview Cellar Door

Ridgeview Cellar Door

The Ridgeview Cellar Door, located near the vibrant city of Brighton, UK, stands as a testament to the art of sparkling wine production, offering a unique journey through the world of viticulture and winemaking that is steeped in tradition and innovation. At Ridgeview, visitors are welcomed into a family legacy that has contributed significantly to the reputation of English sparkling wine on the global stage. This winery, nurtured by generations of passion and expertise, invites enthusiasts to explore its celebrated selection of sparkling wines, meticulously crafted using the revered traditional methods synonymous with Champagne.

Embarking on a guided tour of the Ridgeview estate, guests are treated to an insightful exploration of the winery’s operations, from the vine to the bottle. This immersive experience sheds light on the meticulous care and precision involved in crafting each bottle of Ridgeview sparkling wine. Visitors gain firsthand knowledge of how the unique characteristics of the local soil and climate, known as terroir, play a crucial role in shaping the distinct flavors and aromas of their award-winning wines.

The highlight for many is the visit to the tasting room, where Ridgeview’s knowledgeable staff guide guests through a selection of the estate’s finest wines. Here, one can truly appreciate the elegance, complexity, and crispness that have garnered Ridgeview international acclaim. Each sip reveals the depth of flavor and craftsmanship inherent in their sparkling wines, making for an enriching and enjoyable tasting experience.

Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or new to the world of sparkling wines, the Ridgeview Cellar Door promises an engaging and memorable visit. It is an opportunity not only to learn about the heritage and artistry behind Ridgeview’s esteemed wines but also to discover personal preferences and deepen one’s appreciation for the subtleties of fine sparkling wine.

Tickerage Winery

Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Brighton lies Tickerage Winery, a boutique establishment that beckons wine lovers to discover the passion and meticulous care infused into every bottle of its exquisite wines. This charming winery, with its focus on traditional techniques and sustainable practices, stands as a celebration of the artistry and dedication that define the best of English winemaking.

Visitors to Tickerage Winery are invited to explore the vineyards through guided tours that offer insights into the winemaking process from grape selection to bottling. The winery’s commitment to sustainability and the use of selected grapes ensures each wine is a reflection of the highest quality and care. In the tasting sessions, guests have the opportunity to indulge in the winery’s offerings, experiencing the rich flavors and captivating aromas that make Tickerage wines truly special.

The wine bar at Tickerage provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where visitors can unwind and enjoy a glass of wine, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the vineyards. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the serene pleasures of wine country.

Tickerage Winery is a destination that promises an exceptional and unforgettable experience for all who visit. Whether you are a dedicated oenophile or someone curious about the world of wine, Tickerage Winery offers a warm welcome and an opportunity to explore the depth and variety of English wine in a picturesque and peaceful setting.

Davenport Vineyards

Davenport Vineyards

Davenport Vineyards represents the pinnacle of organic viticulture and winemaking in Brighton, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to producing some of the finest English sparkling wines. With a steadfast commitment to biodiversity and organic farming practices, Davenport not only crafts wines of exceptional quality but also contributes positively to the surrounding environment, ensuring their vineyard remains a haven for local wildlife and flora.

The vineyard specializes in creating sparkling wines that capture the essence of the English countryside, with each bottle embodying freshness, elegance, and sophistication. Recognized both locally and internationally, Davenport Vineyards’ sparkling wines are celebrated for their quality and distinct character, making every sip a testament to the vineyard’s mastery and dedication.

Guided tours and tastings at Davenport Vineyards offer visitors an intimate look into the heart of their winemaking process. Led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, these experiences provide an in-depth understanding of how organic practices and careful stewardship of the land contribute to the exceptional quality of their wines. Guests are invited to sample a range of Davenport’s offerings, each reflecting the unique terroir of the Sussex countryside.

Set against the backdrop of stunning vineyards and the rolling hills of Sussex, Davenport Vineyards presents an idyllic setting for enjoying fine wine and taking in the serene beauty of the landscape. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat and an enriching wine experience.

For those planning a hen party in Brighton with a desire for a distinctive wine adventure, Davenport Vineyards is a must-visit. Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of organic winemaking, savor exceptional sparkling wines, and revel in the natural beauty of one of England’s most

Plumpton College Wine Centre

Nestled in the verdant landscapes of East Sussex lies the Plumpton College Wine Centre, a beacon of education and innovation in the world of viticulture and enology. This esteemed institution does not just provide academic programs; it immerses its students and visitors in the practical and theoretical aspects of winemaking, offering a comprehensive understanding that spans from grape to glass. With its state-of-the-art facilities and expansive vineyards, the centre stands as a testament to the UK’s burgeoning wine industry.

For those harboring a deep fascination with oenology or considering a professional journey into the wine world, the Plumpton College Wine Centre offers an unparalleled learning environment. Its courses cover a wide range of topics, including vineyard management, wine marketing, and the science of winemaking, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring vintners and viticulturists. The center’s commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of its programs and the success of its graduates, who go on to become leading figures in the wine industry both locally and internationally.

Visitors to the centre can expect more than just a tour; they are offered an immersive experience through guided walks through the vineyards, hands-on wine tastings, and sessions led by knowledgeable experts. These activities not only showcase the centre’s academic prowess but also its dedication to promoting wine culture and appreciation among the public. Whether you’re a seasoned wine aficionado or a curious newcomer, a visit to Plumpton College Wine Centre promises a blend of education, inspiration, and delight.

Bolney Wine Estate

Bolney Wine Estate

In the heart of the picturesque Sussex countryside, Bolney Wine Estate emerges as a symbol of English winemaking excellence. With over five decades of experience, this family-run estate has mastered the art of producing award-winning English wines, earning a distinguished place on the international wine map. The estate’s meticulous approach to viticulture and winemaking is reflected in the exquisite quality of its reds, whites, and sparkling wines, each offering a unique tasting experience that captures the essence of the English terroir.

Visitors to Bolney Wine Estate are welcomed into a world where tradition meets innovation. The estate offers a variety of guided tours that cater to different interests, from an introductory walk through the vines to in-depth tastings led by expert sommeliers. These tours provide a rare glimpse into the winemaking process, revealing the passion and precision behind every bottle produced on the estate.

The beauty of Bolney Wine Estate extends beyond its wines. The estate’s scenic vineyards provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll or a picturesque picnic, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the bustle of city life and immerse themselves in nature’s tranquility. With its combination of exceptional wines, knowledgeable staff, and stunning landscapes, Bolney Wine Estate invites wine lovers and nature enthusiasts alike to discover the joys of English wine culture.


Renowned for setting the gold standard in English sparkling wine, Nyetimber is a name synonymous with excellence and craftsmanship. Situated on the green slopes of the South Downs, this pioneering estate has been at the forefront of the English wine renaissance, championing the potential of the region to produce sparkling wines that rival the best in the world. By adhering to the traditional method of production, Nyetimber has consistently crafted wines of exceptional quality, characterized by their complexity, elegance, and depth of flavor.

The Nyetimber range is a showcase of precision winemaking, with each cuvée reflecting the estate’s commitment to quality and its mastery of the sparkling wine craft. The Classic Cuvee, a harmonious blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, epitomizes the balance and refinement that Nyetimber is known for. Meanwhile, the Blanc de Blancs stands as a testament to the purity and vitality of Chardonnay, offering a sophisticated tasting experience that delights the senses. For those with a penchant for the exquisite, the Nyetimber Rosé, with its alluring notes of red fruits and delicate mousse, provides a captivating taste experience.

Celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in the pleasure of fine wine becomes an elevated experience with Nyetimber. The estate’s dedication to excellence is evident in every sip, inviting connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to explore the rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that define its sparkling wines. Whether you’re toasting to life’s milestones or enjoying a quiet moment of luxury, Nyetimber’s sparkling wines promise a memorable and enjoyable experience, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Which Brighton Winery or Wine Bar Is Perfect for a Hen Do?

Which Brighton Winery or Wine Bar Is Perfect for a Hen Do

When planning a hen do in Brighton, it is important to choose the perfect winery or wine bar that is ideal for creating a memorable experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the ideal venue for your celebration:

  1. Atmosphere: Look for a winery or wine bar in Brighton that has a fun and lively atmosphere, which is perfect for celebrating with friends. The setting should be vibrant and welcoming, creating a festive mood that will make your hen do unforgettable.
  2. Wine Selection: Make sure that the venue offers a wide variety of wines to cater to different tastes. Brighton wineries and wine bars should have a diverse selection, ranging from sparkling wines to rich reds and crisp whites. This will ensure that everyone in your group finds something they enjoy.
  3. Exclusive Packages: Some wineries and wine bars in Brighton offer special hen do packages, including private tasting sessions or group activities. These packages can enhance the overall experience and provide a unique and memorable time for the group.
  4. Accommodations: Consider the size of your party and check if the winery or wine bar can comfortably accommodate your group. Having enough space to mingle and enjoy the evening is essential for a successful hen do in Brighton.
  5. Food Options: Check if the venue provides food options to pair with the wines. In Brighton wineries, you can often find establishments that offer cheese platters, charcuterie boards, or even full meals that perfectly complement their wine selection. This ensures a complete and satisfying experience for your group.

Remember to book your preferred venue in advance to secure your spot and to check for any specific guidelines or restrictions. With the right winery or wine bar in Brighton, you can create a memorable hen do where you and your friends can toast to the upcoming wedding and enjoy a wonderful time together. So, which Brighton winery or wine bar is perfect for your hen do?