The Most Exciting Bike Trails in Leicester

The Most Exciting Bike Trails in Leicester

07 Jan 2024 | By Sixes Cricket

In this comprehensive guide to the most exciting bike trails in Leicester, we’ll lead you through an adventure-packed exploration of the city’s picturesque landscapes and vibrant outdoor scene. Leicester, with its diverse terrain and scenic beauty, offers an array of biking experiences suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist seeking thrilling mountain trails or a casual rider looking for leisurely routes to explore, Leicester has something to offer for everyone. So, saddle up and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through some of the city’s most captivating bike trails.

As you navigate through Leicester’s outdoor wonders, be sure to explore the abundance of natural beauty that the city has to offer.

From lush green spaces to tranquil gardens, Leicester boasts a wealth of outdoor activities perfect for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Discover hidden gems like the enchanting gardens and scenic parks that provide serene settings for a leisurely bike ride.

For those intrigued by Leicester’s rich history and cultural heritage, immerse yourself in the city’s historic sites and landmarks. Pedal through centuries-old streets and explore iconic landmarks that showcase Leicester’s storied past, from ancient ruins to majestic castles.

And if you’re looking for family-friendly adventures, Leicester has plenty of options to keep the whole family entertained. From interactive museums to engaging outdoor playgrounds, there’s no shortage of family-friendly activities to enjoy while exploring the city’s bike trails.

The Watermead Country Park Loop

The Watermead Country Park Loop

The Watermead Country Park Loop is a cycling trail in Leicester, UK.

1. Begin at the entrance of Watermead Country Park.

2. Cycle along the well-maintained path that winds through the park.

3. Admire the picturesque landscape as you pedal past lakes and wetland areas.

4. Behold the remarkable wildlife, including birds, ducks, and perhaps even swans.

5. Look for designated cycling zones and follow trail signs.

6. Ride at a comfortable pace and embrace the peacefulness of the park.

7. Take a moment to rest at a designated picnic area and enjoy a snack or lunch, surrounded by nature.

8. Continue your journey, enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

9. Appreciate the freedom and excitement of exploring the Watermead Country Park Loop.

10. Finish the loop by returning to the park entrance.

By following these instructions, you can have a delightful cycling experience at Watermead Country Park Loop in Leicester.

Bradgate Park Trail

The Bradgate Park Trail in Leicester, UK offers exciting cycling through beautiful scenery. Cyclists can expect a variety of terrains, including gravel paths and challenging climbs.

The trail is about 10 miles long, suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. Along the way, cyclists can enjoy stunning views of rolling hills and a deer park. It provides a wonderful opportunity to stop and appreciate the natural beauty.

The Bradgate Park Trail allows cyclists to explore the history and wonders of the park while enjoying an invigorating bike ride. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

Leicester to Market Harborough

Leicester to Market Harborough

Planning a bike ride from Leicester to Market Harborough? Please follow these instructions:

1. Commence in Leicester, a bustling city with a rich history and vibrant culture.

2. Travel south-east on the A6 road towards Oadby and appreciate the picturesque views.

3. Stay on the A6, passing through the villages of Great Glen and Kibworth Beauchamp.

4. As you near Market Harborough, veer slightly left onto the B6047 road.

5. Continue along the B6047 until you reach Market Harborough, a town renowned for its historic market.

The route from Leicester to Market Harborough has been a significant means of transportation for centuries. In the 19th century, the Leicester and Swannington Railway improved the connection between these two towns, promoting trade and economic advancement.

Today, cyclists revel in the breathtaking countryside and notable landmarks along this popular route.

Glen Parva to Foxton Locks

Glen Parva to Foxton Locks is a 14-mile-long bicycle trail in Leicester that offers astonishing panoramas and a distinctive cycling encounter. The trail initiates in Glen Parva, a delightful village on the outskirts of Leicester. Cyclists can pursue the path along the Grand Union Canal, observing narrowboats passing by.

The trail also transpires through the picturesque village of Lubenham, with its splendid countryside and conventional English cottages.

The pinnacle of the trail is attaining Foxton Locks, a set of ten locks that are an engineering marvel. It is plausible to witness boats navigating through the locks, and there is an adjacent picnic area to pause and relish the outlook.

The route furnishes a mixture of level and marginally hilly terrain, suitable for cyclists of all proficiencies. It extends serene and gratifying riding through the scenic countryside and tranquil canal. Prior to commencing this bicycle trail, bear in mind to pack a picnic lunch and an abundance of water, as there are limited amenities along the route.

Do not overlook your camera to apprehend the breathtaking views and recollections of your cycling endeavor along Glen Parva to Foxton Locks!

Sansom’s Island Loop

Sansom's Island Loop

Sansom’s Island Loop is an invigorating cycling route in Leicester. The route encompasses a variety of terrains, including steep slopes and exhilarating descents. Cyclists can navigate through sharp bends and narrow pathways, adding thrill to their ride. The route is well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and safe cycling experience.

Cyclists will be captivated by the picturesque scenery, from lush greenery to breathtaking bodies of water. Nature enthusiasts will truly be immersed in the beauty of their surroundings.

Sansom’s Island Loop is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. Beginners can enjoy leisurely rides while appreciating the scenic views. Experienced riders can test their abilities with the trail’s obstacles and challenging terrain.

Safety is of utmost importance on this route. Cyclists should wear helmets, adhere to safety precautions, and properly maintain their bicycles.

Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or seeking an outdoor adventure, Sansom’s Island Loop is a must-visit bike route in Leicester. Grab your bicycle, explore the trail, and immerse yourself in the excitement of Sansom’s Island Loop.

The Great Central Railway Cycle Route

The Great Central Railway Cycle Route in Leicester is a beautiful and unique cycling path. Notable features of this route include:

  • The route covers about 16 miles, which offers a substantial distance for exploration.
  • It follows the former railway line of the Great Central Railway, providing a historical journey for cyclists.
  • The trail is mostly flat and well-maintained, suitable for cyclists of all abilities.
  • Cyclists can enjoy picturesque countryside views, passing through villages and lush landscapes along the way.
  • Rest areas and picnic spots have been designated along the route for breaks and relaxation.
  • The Great Central Railway Cycle Route is meticulously maintained, ensuring a smooth and secure cycling experience.
  • Nearby facilities include bicycle rentals and cafes for refreshments.
  • This route caters to both leisurely rides and more challenging workouts, appealing to a wide range of preferences.

Whether you have an appreciation for history, a love for nature, or simply enjoy cycling, the Great Central Railway Cycle Route offers a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Embark on this route to explore Leicester’s countryside and immerse yourself in its rich history.

The Stoneygate Loop

The Stoneygate Loop

Leicester’s scenic bike trail is a remarkable route for cycling enthusiasts. Starting in Stoneygate, this trail takes riders on an approximately 8-mile journey through the picturesque countryside. Cyclists can revel in the abundant greenery and peaceful atmosphere as they pedal along the well-maintained path.

The Stoneygate Loop comprises both flat sections and gentle inclines, allowing cyclists of all skill levels to enjoy the trail. Throughout the route, riders will come across stunning landscapes, delightful villages, and historical landmarks. The trail also passes through renowned tourist attractions like the Leicester Botanic Garden and Victoria Park.

The route is easy to navigate with clearly marked signs, guaranteeing a stress-free and enjoyable cycling experience. For those seeking a longer ride, the Stoneygate Loop can be combined with neighboring trails. Cyclists are urged to respect the natural surroundings and wildlife while responsibly disposing of litter.

Whether you are a local or visiting Leicester, the Stoneygate Loop is an exceptional bike trail that showcases the area’s beauty and offers a revitalizing outdoor activity for cyclists.

Leicester Urban Bike Park

Leicester Urban Bike Park is a destination for cyclists of all abilities. It offers a variety of trails, including downhill trails, dirt jumps, and pump tracks. The park is equipped with facilities such as bike rental services, bike wash stations, and a repair shop.

There is also a dedicated skills area where riders can practise and improve their techniques. Families can enjoy trails suitable for children and beginners. The park also organises various cycling events, including competitions and workshops, to connect cyclists within the community.

If you are planning a visit to Leicester Urban Bike Park, here are some suggestions:

1. Bring your own bike.

2. Come prepared with safety equipment such as a helmet, knee pads, and gloves.

3. Check the park’s website for any updates or notices.

4. Respect the environment and abide by the park’s rules.

5. Have a great time and create lasting memories exploring the exciting trails.

The Grand Union Canal Towpath

The Grand Union Canal Towpath

The Grand Union Canal Towpath is a highly popular cycle path in Leicester. It stretches across approximately 50 miles, which makes it an excellent option for longer bike rides.

The towpath runs alongside the Grand Union Canal, offering breathtaking views of the water and the surrounding countryside. The surface along the entirety of the towpath is even and smooth, ensuring a comfortable cycling experience.

The trail is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. One noteworthy feature of the Grand Union Canal Towpath is the abundance of wildlife that can be spotted along the route, including ducks, swans, and occasionally kingfishers.

There are also opportunities to take a break at canal-side cafés and pubs along the trail. Cyclists have the option to customize their route by accessing the towpath from various locations in Leicester. It is important to show consideration and be mindful of pedestrians while cycling, as the towpath is a shared space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any precautions I need to take while riding the Evington-Foxton Locks and Back trail in Leicester?

Yes, it is important to be cautious and aware of a few things. The beginning of the trail can be overgrown with nettles in the summer, so riders should be careful, especially if wearing shorts. Riders should be mindful of low-flying planes as they pass Leicester aerodrome along the way.

Is there a popular stopping point along the Evington-Foxton Locks and Back trail in Leicester?

Yes, riders can enjoy a pub stop at the Foxton Locks Inn, which is a popular spot along the trail. It’s a great place to take a break and refresh before continuing the ride.

What are some of the most thrilling mountain bike trails in the East Midlands region?

Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, less than half an hour away from Leicester, offers two challenging trails: Follow The Dog (10.8km) and The Monkey (22.8km). Both trails are rated as red difficulty, suitable for experienced bikers.

Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire offers the Kitchener Trail (13km), which is also rated as red difficulty and features small rollers and bermed corners.

Bourne Woods, also in Nottinghamshire, has a family-friendly trail called the Family Cycle Track (5km), rated as green difficulty and suitable for beginners.

Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire has trails ranging from 13km to 24km, rated as blue difficulty and suitable for intermediate riders.

Foxton Locks in Leicestershire offers a 15.5km trail along the Grand Union Canal, rated as blue difficulty and featuring a mixture of stony tracks, grassy paths, and rutted farm tracks.

How many participants are there in mountain biking in the UK?

Around 5.5 million individuals participate in mountain biking in the UK, making it a popular and adrenaline-fuelled sport.

What types of outdoor activities can be explored in Leicester and the surrounding areas?

Leicester and the East Midlands region offer a wide range of outdoor activities. In addition to mountain biking, Komoot also has collections for bike touring, road cycling, running, and hiking. There are plenty of outdoor places to explore such as single tracks, peaks, and other scenic areas.

Are there any amenities available near the mountain bike trails in Leicester?

Yes, some trails have amenities such as cafes and car parks nearby, providing convenience for riders. It’s always good to plan ahead and check for available facilities before heading out on the trails.